2018 Dignitaries Announced

The Shamrock Club of New Dublin is proud to announce our dignitaries for 2018.

This year our Irish Man is Randy Genske and Irish Rose is Arlene Birkholz.? Randy has been an active member for many years and has been a great help on Parade day setting up the Dignitary and Announcer’s Stands.? Arlene is a former owner of The Pine Tree and has always supported the Shamrock Club by advertising on and using our placemats, advertising on our poster and selling buttons.? We are thrilled that they have both accepted and I know they will have lots of fun this year and will represent us well.

Our Parade Marshalls this year are Dan and Lovana Rice.? They own Rice’s Greenhouse and have also been great supporters of our organization through the years.? We are very excited that they agreed to let us honor them as dignitaries this year and I know they will have fun with our events throughout the week and watching the Parade.

Our Parade Judges this year are Todd & Lori Barrington.? They have also been active in the past by helping to take care of our Parade Dignitaries and are a great addition to our list and will be very fair and impartial judges.

Congratulations to all of our very deserving Dignitaries this year and if you see them out and about in the community please congratulate them as well.


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